Quinoa Salad

February 25, 2017

I’ve complained about the weather too much of late, but one of the benefits of having an extended summer is you get to eat salad for quite a considerable part of the year. This quinoa salad makes a perfect lunch (or dinner if it’s too hot to cook). With just a spritz of lemon juice for the dressing, this combination of fresh ingredients leaves you happy and satisfied.

For me, salads are like sandwiches. No one needs to be told how to make either. It’s coming up with new ideas that’s the problem. For so long, salad was about throwing some lettuce, tomato, carrot and cucumber in a bowl and whipping up a dressing. It certainly still has its place…if you put something else with it, like a good serving of whatever barbecued meats take your fancy. It’s an accompaniment rather than a meal. Continue Reading

raspberry pear cake

Raspberry Pear Cake

What better way to enjoy the humble pear than in this delicious cake. The combination of pears, raspberries and almond meal makes a sweet but sour cake with nutty undertones. Served warm with a little whipped cream on the side, it makes a great dessert or…

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February 22, 2017

Hot Sopressa, Avocado & Cheese Ciabatta

Lunch dilemmas are commonplace because finding the perfect filling for a roll can be hard. Here’s a perfect combination that we regularly make – hot sopressa, avocado and cheese. Add a touch of mayonnaise or a little pesto (if you have some lingering in the fridge), pop it…

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February 18, 2017
Chocolate raspberry cake

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

The birthday cycle has started again and that means the birthday girl gets the choice of any cake she wants. This January birthday was made complete with a chocolate raspberry cake. A rich, dark, fudgy chocolate cake filled with raspberries. Topped with a good dusting of…

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February 15, 2017
spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese is a family favourite and this blog, which is meant to chronicle the food we eat at home, wouldn’t be complete without it. Much requested and often made, this pasta sauce takes us from birthday dinners to the last meal you have…

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February 11, 2017


What are lamingtons? Cake covered in chocolate, covered in coconut. But there’s more to it than that. They are fairly dense vanilla sponge baked in a rectangular tin then cut into squares; dipped into a chocolate sauce which is runny and very chocolatey and really…

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February 8, 2017
roast vegetable and ricotta tart

Roast Vegetable and Ricotta Tart

Roast vegetable and ricotta tart could almost fall into the quiche category, but the addition of ricotta in the egg mixture saves it from being too eggy and therefore not quite a quiche. Not being the biggest fan of eggs, to my mind its…

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February 4, 2017
reading January 2017

Reading…January 2017

It looks like January was a busy reading month. Five books in total. I have to admit that’s a bit of a cheat. I had read most of The Chef whilst at the beach but didn’t finish it until I got home. Technically it’s a January…

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February 1, 2017
sausage rolls

Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are quick, easy and delicious. With the addition of spinach and parmesan cheese the humble sausage roll takes on a whole new meaning. With a dollop of hot tomato chutney (tomato sauce if you must) they make the perfect dinner when you’re…

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January 28, 2017
wholemeal bread with seeds

Wholemeal bread with seeds

If you have the time, there’s nothing quite like making your own bread. There’s something therapeutic about kneading the dough and watching it rise, then knocking it back and kneading it all over again. And the good thing about living in a hot climate…

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January 25, 2017