red kidney bean and eggplant curry

    April 22, 2018
    red kidney bean and eggplant curry

    Red kidney bean curry reminds me of dahl, especially when you add fried cubes of eggplant. It’s creamy and full of flavour, and takes around half an hour to prepare. I opt to use tins of red kidney beans because that way you can decide to make it at 6.30pm rather than the night before. The other bonus is it’s cheap to make. So when you find yourself with little time, and a couple of tins to hand, this is a winner.

    Georgia has been home for school holidays, which to my delight, meant she has spent quite a few evenings in the kitchen cooking. This is great because not only does it mean I don’t have to cook, but it creates variety that we didn’t know we needed. She has made many new things. This red kidney bean curry was a definite winner, taking out the dinner of the week award. Who knew we even had one of those!

    Many years ago I used to make a very similar red kidney bean curry. It was just red kidney beans and for some reason, probably the age of the children and the fact that it was just beans, it was never received with the enthusiasm it deserved. This version is slightly different. For one, we added in the eggplant to make it more than just beans, which was a huge success. Secondly, half the beans are lightly mashed, which helps thicken the sauce, similar to what you do when you makeΒ pasta e fagioli. Continue Reading

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