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  • date ball treats

    peanut butter and date balls

    It’s Easter Sunday and lots of us associate that with chocolate in various shapes: eggs, bunnies, bilbies. Although my favourite is a Lindt dark chocolate bunny, I have a passion for those little eggs…

    April 1, 2018
  • muesli bars

    muesli bars

    I’m always on the lookout for new snacks. Ones that act like a special treat but are full of things that you don’t really have to feel guilty about indulging in. There’s no chocolate…

    July 16, 2017
  • chocolate and walnut brownies

    chocolate brownies

    Chocolate brownies are a very special treat. But they fall into the category of food that you should seldom eat based on their chocolate and sugar content. Moist and just a little bit gooey,…

    May 24, 2017
  • coconut raspberry slice

    Coconut Raspberry Slice

    Coconut raspberry slice is a delicious slice, perfect for afternoon tea, dessert, or a special treat addition to any lunch box. The combination of a soft cakey base, and a layer of raspberries topped…

    March 29, 2017
  • Date, coconut and puffed rice balls

    Date, Coconut and Puffed Rice Balls

    There are so many things to love about these simple snacks. The ingredients are minimal; they are super easy to make; and they satisfy that afternoon craving for something sweet when chocolate just isn’t…

    January 11, 2017
  • Auntie Mary biscuits

    Auntie Mary Biscuits

    The problem with recipes that are handed down from generation to generation can often be the name. Auntie Mary Biscuits are a case in point.  Auntie Mary wasn’t really an auntie to any immediate member of…

    December 14, 2016
  • peanut butter oat energy squares

    Peanut butter, oat and nut raw energy bars

    Since our October challenge we have been experimenting with raw snacks to combat the gaping hole left by the omission of refined sugars (read cakes and biscuits, albeit homemade) from our diet. There was…

    November 23, 2016
  • Date and Walnut Energy Squares

    Date and walnut energy squares are all about quelling the sugar craving in the afternoon. A small square of goodness that acts as a pick me up when really all you want is a chocolate…

    October 12, 2016